The Opportunity

As Demand for New Construction Skyrockets, ES Global is Uniquely Positioned to Help You Tap into That Growth to Boost Your Investment Earnings !

Fed up with having your money in a low interest paying CD or savings account where it’s making such minuscule gains that they are barely noticeable? Tired of keeping up with all the ups and downs and twists and turns of the stock market? Well, if you answered yes to either of the above two questions it’s time you discovered the secured investment alternative to today’s volatile stock market that can produce returns of 25% and higher! How is this possible, especially in today’s current turbulent economic times? By investing your money in real estate, that’s how. With a property investment company like ES Global, it’s incredibly easy to do … and very, very profitable.  

Why Invest With ES Global Specifically?

Because our knowledge and experience sets us apart!

When ES Global Investments first started investing in real estate the market was quite different from what we are experiencing today. Back then a savvy investor could pick up an existing home for approximately one-third the cost of what that home once sold for, put a little money into fixing it up, and later flip it quickly for a nice profit. But now the existing home supply is sparse, which has sent demand for new housing skyrocketing.


At ES Global, We Saw This Trend Coming & Took Action to Stay Ahead of the Curve!

Here’s what we did: instead of continuing to buy existing homes, we changed our investment strategy to locating and buying vacant lots in desirable locations. The lots we now purchase are extremely economical, especially when compared to what the homes in that exact same neighborhood are presently selling for. After we secure a vacant lot, we then hire our own contractors and build a brand new house on it. Combine the cost of constructing the new home with the cost of buying the vacant lot and you usually get a figure that’s 75% or less of the expected sales price.  That of course leaves a very nice profit of 25% (or more) for investors!


We Also Offer Longer Term Real Estate Investment Opportunities!

At ES Global, we understand that not every real estate investor is interested in short-term solutions. Some would like to purchase properties, rent them out for more than their mortgage, insurance and taxes, and hold on to them sometimes for decades, thus establishing a profitable passive income stream while also giving their properties the time they need to appreciate in value. Our firm also specializes in this area and works very closely with a few specially selected property management companies that not only ensure all of our properties always have excellent tenants, but also are extremely well maintained. To learn more about how we can help you grow your investment earnings through real estate, please click here to contact us.