New Construction and Home Building

ES Global Investments has been in the new construction and home building business for quite a while now. Some of the areas that we specialize in are buying, renovating, and flipping homes, locating desirable properties and negotiating favorable prices, raw land development, and of course building new homes or commercial properties. If you are looking for a general contractor to build a customized home that you will be proud of or are an investor that is looking for money making opportunities in the real estate industry, you just might find some or all the information below very interesting.

# 1New Home Construction – Without question, one of the most daunting tasks a person is confronted with that has never previously built or renovated a property is locating and hiring reliable cost effective contractors. The contractors not only have to stay on budget and make sure that the finished product they deliver is exemplary; they must also complete their portion of the project on schedule.

After all, if the plumber and concrete contractor do not get the foundation instilled on time, the electrician and team hired to put up the walls cannot start until they are finished, which of course delays the entire project.

Our company, ES Global Investments has been building and renovating homes for some time now and thankfully we now have an unbelievably dependable team of contractors that enables us to provide exact estimates that we fully guarantee as well as project completion dates that we stand behind.

# 2Our Contractors – For the most part, every contractor we employ has worked for us in the past on numerous projects. The vast majority of our contractors are local companies that specialize in one area, like plumbing, flooring, or panting. Most of them are quite small operations that are managed by a highly skilled craftsman that is an expert in their field.

Because of our vast experience in this area, we can confidently state that the quotes we receive from our contractors are far less than they would be if a person tried to hire them for a single project, and that savings is of course passed along to our clients. In addition, they all know the quality of work that our company demands as well as our uncompromising prerequisite that they finish their part of the job on schedule.

# 3What Our Clients Can Expect – Our firm not only provides an exact estimate and completion date, we also manage each project inspecting the work that was completed every day ensuring everything meets our exacting standards. If for any reason, one of our clients is not happy with a part of their job, we will do our very best to fix whatever they are not satisfied with.

# 4Profit Sharing – Besides building and renovating homes, our company also has a profit sharing plan that allows outside investors to acquire new homes at “Our Cost” and later split and share profits when those properties are sold. This model is designed for investors that want to limit their exposure by decreasing the upfront cash required to obtain a new home and still make a substantial ROI.

If you would like to know more about our company or are interested in learning about some of the properties that we currently have available, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience by either sending us an email or giving us a call.