Turnkey deals

Turnkey Solutions for Outside Investors

Investing in real estate cannot only be incredibly profitable, but is also a relatively safe type of investment if you know what you are doing. In most instances, a person needs to work in the industry for quite a few years to acquire the experience and knowledge they need to ensure each time they purchase an existing home or vacant lot they are making the correct financial decision.

ES Global Investments

ES Global Investments is a company that provides turkey real estate solutions to outside investors. They have been working in this field since 2005 and have an extremely impressive track record. As you might suspect, they invest their own funds in the vast majority of the properties they acquire and later develop.

However, there are many instances where they come across an excellent opportunity but are fully invested and cannot acquire the property, which is precisely where outside investors enters into the equation. You might be thinking to yourself that these properties do not have the same economic potential as some of the other real estate the firm already owns.
If so, you could not be more wrong. Each and every piece of property they present to an investor will provide them with an excellent ROI, and some of them provide much higher returns than the houses or vacant lots the company already possesses.

Vacant Lots

Over the years that they have been in business, ES Global Investments free capital has grown to the point that they are now able to acquire vacant lots that do not have to be develop immediately. All of their current vacant lots are in highly desirable locations that are seeing unprecedented growth.
There are essentially two different ways an investor can make a profit by acquiring one of these lots. First, they can buy it and hold on to it for a couple of years and let the piece of land appreciate. Second, they can build a house on it which usually takes somewhere around six to seven months and immediately sell it once it is completed for a nice profit.

New Homes

ES Global Investments also acts as a general contractor for many of their investors and in most cases the company can construct a home much quicker and less expensively than any of the competitors. After all, they have been doing this for a very long time and have a team of smaller contractors who have completed many jobs for them.
Because many of the small contractors they employ have worked on so many jobs in the past for ES Global Investments they are able to negotiate fees that are much lower than a person who is only building a single home. In addition, each one of these firms is run by a professional who is an expert in their field and understands the quality of workmanship ES Global Investments demands.

Investment Opportunities

Over the past few years ES Global Investments has been very successful financially and we are always researching the market looking for new money making opportunities. If you would like to learn more about our company, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.